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Diagnostic and Prevention


Check ups & Exams

Our doctors and team live by the Golden Rule and consider ourselves to be trusted, friendly advisors. We will equip you to make the best decisions for you. Whether you need a check up, have a dental emergency or need a comprehensive exam, we’ve got you covered with your best interest at heart. We would never suggest something you don’t need and have exceptional specialists to refer you to as needed.

Digital x-rays & 3D imaging

With digital x-rays, we can get an excellent view of the hidden structures of the mouth in just seconds with very minute exposure to radiation (less than being out in the sun).

Our 3D imaging allows for views of all dimensions of the head, including teeth and bones. Traditional x-rays provide a two dimensional image that doesn’t show every part, which some procedures require (like implants).

Dental cleanings

The best brushers and flossers miss areas of the mouth like behind a last molar or behind the lower front teeth. Regular dental cleanings prevent negative consequences like gum disease and help reverse gingivitis. Our comfortable cleanings will keep you proactively healthy.

Fluoride application

Fluoride applications are useful for patients with high cavity risk, sensitivity or enamel break down. Our office provides in office fluoride varnish and prescribed high fluoride toothpastes to meet these patient needs. <Concerned about fluoride/ Learn more here>


Sealants protect the biting surfaces of the back teeth from cavities by covering the deep grooves that may harbor bacteria and be difficult or impossible to clean.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer can be devastating and go unrecognized for too long. As a complimentary part of our check ups and comprehensive exams, we provide oral cancer screenings to identify any suspicious areas of the mouth. We refer to the best specialists when further investigation is necessary and provide advanced oral cancer screenings for those with high risk factors.

Mouth guards

Mouth guards and night guards are custom made appliances that fit in the mouth to protect the teeth, bone and other structures. Mouth guards are made to prevent injury during sports and other physical activities. Night guards protect the teeth, surrounding structures and TMJs from damage when a person clenches or grinds during sleep.

Comfortable Dentistry

Our team takes every opportunity to make you comfortable and help you actually enjoy going to the dentist. We offer positive attitudes, compassionate care and no judgment. Our offices provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and conscious sedation (anti anxiety) for patients that need extra comfort and peace of mind when getting dental treatment.

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